Characters and Party Themes

Characters and Party Themes

Here at Enchanted Entertainment we are very proud to offer a wide range of princesses, superheroes, pirates and many more to make all sorts of dreams come true!

You are more than welcome to mix and match our party themes to create your perfect event!
Our party packages are tailored to be enjoyed by both boys and girls.
If your favourite character has multiple costume choices, be sure to mention any specific requests in your enquiries. Certain costumes may be subject to availability

Enchanted Princesses

The crown and glory of Enchanted Entertainment. We believe that inside of every child is a strong, courageous and wonderful princess. So, we aim to treat each birthday child like the royalty they truly are in their grand celebration

Snow Queen

Our Snow Queen has three different outfits to choose from.  Her classic blue dress, her blue travelling outfit, and her white spirit gown.

Snow Princess

Our Snow Princess has three different outfits to choose from.  Her classic winter dress, her coronation gown and her enchanted travel outfit.

Island Princess


Beauty Princess


Mermaid Princess

Our Mermaid Princess has two different outfits to choose from.  Her mermaid tail, and her seafoam ball gown.

Scottish Princess

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Arabian Princess

Enchanted Princes

Ice Prince

Tower Prince

Marvellous Superheroes

For the truly brave of heart. Our super team of heroes will swoop into your party to defend from the villain of boredom with games, laughter and fun. Everyone has what it takes to become a superhero, and our team are guaranteed to train your party recruits into the best heroes that they can be.

Spider Hero

Bat Hero

Super Hero

Wonder Hero

Super Girl

Perilous Pirates

Beware the pirate crew of Enchanted Entertainment. 

For all who plunder and pillage, and can be trusted not to be trusted! Sail the seven seas with our band of pirates, looking for party mischief and fun.

Captain Hook

Pirate Pete

Empress Scarlet

Fantastic Fairies

You can never have too much pixie dust! For those who love to sparkle and truly believe in magic. Our Enchanted team have created original magical characters, whilst also including some classic fairy tale favourites.

Tinker Fairy

Indi, the Blue Fairy

Holly, the Christmas Fairy

Blossom, the Unicorn Fairy

Fairy Godmother

Wacky Villains

Are you wicked to the core? For a touch of danger, and a lot of humour, add one of villains to the party…if you dare!

Add a Handsome Villain to our Beauty Princess, the Evil Queen to Snow White or Mother Gothel to Rapunzel for an out of the ordinary party that you’ll never forget!

Handsome Villain

Evil Queen

Wonderful Wizards

Enter a wizarding world, where magic and wonder await

Rowena Timms is completing her wizardry studies, where her smarts and dedication have granted her the role of head girl. So who better to welcome the new school professor, Victoria Malgrim.

So, dust off your wands, practice those spells and get ready for some magic.

Rowena Timms

Victoria Malgrim

Epic Explorers

Whether they are trekking through a safari adventure or journeying back to prehistoric times with mighty dinosaurs, our explorers are guaranteed to bring their zany fun to any event!

*Our Jungle and Dinosaur Explorers can be either male or female, based on availability.

Jungle Jane and Nora the Explorer

Doctor Dino 

Wonderland Friends

Journey down the rabbit hole and explore a new wonderful land! Alice and the White Rabbit are ready for any celebration (be it birthday or UN-birthday)


The White Rabbit