Princess Makeovers

Princess Makeovers

‘Cinderella believes that everyone deserves the chance to be a princess. So, she is sending her official Ladies-In-Waiting to the Kingdom of Hamilton to make these dreams come true. Under the tutelage of the Fairy Godmother, these Ladies-In-Waiting will transform some very special children into the princesses that they already truly are’

Birthday Princess Makeover

A special pre-party makeover for the birthday girl* with her very own Lady-in-Waiting
This takes 30 – 45 minutes and is scheduled before the guests arrive
Can be a standalone visit OR added to any party package

*More children and time can be added at an additional cost

Makeover includes

  • A Cinderella hairstyle, with a princess tiara
  • Shimmering Nails
  • Glittering Makeup
  • Twinkling face gem