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Enchanted Games and Activities

Enchanted Entertainment specializes in creating magical memories that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Over the past eight years, our character experiences have captivated and delighted dreamers of all ages ✨

Our character visits are designed to make each child feel like the true princess, superhero or fairy they are by teaching them about inner strength, teamwork and kindness.


Our party appearances can include any of the following activities: 

  • A magical box game (our variation of pass the parcel)

  • A fantastic dance party with themed dancing ribbons, hula hoops and/or bubbles

  • Rainbow parachute games

  • A royal story time with interactive button button and/or look and find games

  • Enchanting party games which can include: Hide and seek with our princess sidekicks, red light green light, duck duck princess, good fairy bad fairy (stuck in the mud), obstacle courses and more!

  • Magical makeovers (nail polish, eyeshadow and a twinkling face gem) and/or temporary tattoos! All of our party activities are tailored to appeal to both boys and girls

  • Photo opportunities and a special gift for the birthday child to cherish forever

Our performers will come equipped for every activity and will select their schedule based on what the children respond to! If you see an activity that your child would love, you are welcome to make special requests, as we want to create the party of your child’s dreams!

We are also pleased to report that our characters will take care of everything they require for activities, so your only job during the party will be to sit back and enjoy the experience.

NEW Party Add On - Birthday Princess Makeovers!

A special pre-party treat just for the birthday girl ✨

Dreams come true as your little one is transformed into a royal princess by her very own Fairy Godmother. Each makeover includes storytelling and magic as your little princess is taught about fairytales, inner strength and the importance of being true to yourself

Royal princess makeovers include:
✧ A Cinderella hairstyle, with a princess tiara and jewelled hair clip
✧ Shimmering Nails
✧ Glittering Makeup
✧ Twinkling face gem
✧ Pixie Dust Wish


This special makeover is scheduled before the party so that your little princess is ready for the ball!

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