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Party Themes

Enchanted Entertainment specializes in creating magical memories that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Over the past eight years, our character experiences have captivated and delighted dreamers of all ages ✨

Whilst we are definitely known for our amazing princess and superhero appearances, we are thrilled to offer a whole variety of party themes designed to entertain and amaze all ages

Our performers will come equipped for every activity and will select their schedule based on what the children respond to! If you see an activity that your child would love, you are welcome to make special requests, as we want to create the party of your child’s dreams!

We are also pleased to report that our characters will take care of everything they require for activities, so your only job during the party will be to sit back and enjoy the experience.

If you don't see your chosen theme below, be sure to contact us!

Dino Adventures

Take a jurassic romp back in time with Doctor Dino for some prehistoric fun! Games and activities can include:

  • The "Roar-some" Box Game (Pass the Parcel)

  • Parachute fun (Bounce the Dino)

  • A dino jams dance party with hula hoops

  • Bubble play (featuring our new Dino Bubbles!)

  • Temporary dino tattoos

  • A jurassic story time

  • Free play games such as duck duck dinosaur, dino tag, sneak up on the T-Rex, catch that dino, obstacle courses, sack races, hide and seek and more!

  • Photo Opportunities and a special gift for the birthday child

Wiggle Fun

Get ready to wiggle! Games and activities can include:

  • A magical box game (pass the parcel)

  • A wiggle-tastic dance party with themed dancing ribbons and  hoola hoops 

  • Bubble play

  • Rainbow parachute games and coloured balls

  • Obstacle courses with our toddler tunnel

  • Simon Says

  • Interactive story time with lift-the-flap and song lyrics

  •  Bow-tiful makeovers (nail polish, eyeshadow and a twinkling face gem) and temporary tattoos

  • Photo opportunities and a special gift for the birthday child

And even more

Party Time.JPG
Disco Ball.jpeg

Disco Fever

Our newest groovy celebration! Our disco hosts will lead a variety of disco and dance based games and activities that can include:

  • Musical Statues / Four Corners

  • Limbo

  • Karaoke

  • Musical Hula Hoops

  • You’ve Got the Moves - Memory Dance Game

  • Music Trivia Quiz and / or Finish the Lyrics Game

  • Dance Competitions and Challenges

  • Bubble machine

  • Funky makeovers

  • Glow sticks for everyone to keep

  • And more!

Jungle Jubilee

Our jungle parties can include any of the following activities:

  • The explorer box (pass the parcel)

  • A jungle jams dance party with themed dancing ribbons or hula hoops

  • Sleeping lions

  • Parachute games

  • Jungle Animal Charades

  • Safari story time

  • Bubble play

  • Temporary jungle animal tattoos

  • Free play games including What’s the time Mr Lion, hide and seek, duck duck goose, monkey tag, Tarzan obstacle courses and many more!

  • Photo opportunities and a gift bundle for the birthday child

Sasha 2_edited.jpg
Children's Party Entertainers.JPG

Party Hosts

Our enchanted party hosts are a fantastic option for families who would like entertainment for children, but don’t have a specific character in mind!

Our party hosts will lead the children in a variety of games and activities that can be tailored to your specific age group and requirements. This can include anything from the following list:

  • The magic box game (our signature variation of pass the parcel)

  • Rainbow Parachute Games

  • Bubble Play

  • A fantastic dance party with themed dancing ribbons, hula hoops and/or bubbles

  • Makeovers

  • Temporary Tattoos

  • Classic Party Games such as Duck, Duck, Goose, Hide and Seek. Stuck in the Mud. Obstacles Courses. Sack Races. Red Light Green Light. An interactive story time and more!

Want some extra party fun? Why not add balloon twisting to your event? This is a fantastic element for kids of all ages 🎈✨

Enchanted Entertainment is thrilled to now offer pamper parties! Give your tweens the ultimate superstar experience with the perfect glamorous makeovers 💅💄✨

Enchanted Pamper Parties include: 


  • Foot spas with flower petals

  • Gorgeous robes and headbands 

  • Face masks

  • Pop playlist and tween magazines

  • Manicures

  • Light makeup

  • Hair curling (optional) and glitter

  • A photoshoot with accessories and props (lead by your pamper host)

  • Fashion parade and dance party!

Spa and Pamper Parties

Group Pamper Party.jpeg
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