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Planning Your Princess or Superhero Party!

It’s almost time for your magical party!! 
Here are our tips and tricks, plus everything you should know about your upcoming character experience ✨

Whenever possible, our performers will always do their best to park completely out of sight from children (after all, princesses and fairies can’t be seen traveling by car!). Be sure to let us know if your property or venue has restricted parking so that we can have a plan in place. We also recommend putting balloons outside of the house/venue so that all of your guests can easily locate the party!

Party/Game Space
This can vary between seasons!
In the summer months, we recommend having a shaded area available for games (if possible!). On particularly hot days, our characters like to begin games indoors, and then transition outside so that no one is in the sun for too long! Be sure to remind your guests to apply sunscreen, or have this available. Our characters will also ensure that the children are reminded to take water breaks. 

In winter, be sure to plan for the worst and hope for the best! You don’t want a rainy day to ruin the party fun, so having a plan B is essential. Whenever possible, our characters love hosting games outdoors to give the little ones space to run around, but can easily perform indoors as well! Do let me know what kind of space you will have available so that we can plan accordingly.

Your Guest List
If your expected number of guests has changed, please let us know! We pack our party bags based on the number of children, so it helps to have this as accurate as possible. We also love to know the rough ages and a ratio of boys and girls, as we tailor each individual party to best suit the children in attendance.

What Actually Happens!
Our characters will entertain your little ones with a variety of games and activities. We come equipped for every activity and will select a schedule based on what the children respond to! If you see an activity that your child would love, you are welcome to make special requests, as we want to create the party of your child’s dreams! 

We are also pleased to report that our characters will take care of everything they require for activities, so your only job during the party will be to sit back and enjoy the experience.

To read our full games list, just click on the following buttons

Party Schedule
If you have already thought about this, we encourage you to schedule your character appearance to begin around 30 minutes after the arrival of your other guests to ensure that no one misses out on the fun!

We also recommend scheduling meal times for the little ones before or after your character appearance to make the most out of this magical time!

The perfect conclusion to a character's appearance is for them to lead the birthday cake/song, take photos and give the birthday child their special parting gift. Do let us know if you intend to do the birthday cake at a different time, so our performers know to skip this step. They will still end their visit by gathering everyone for photos and giving their special gift, so be sure to have your camera ready!

Trampolines and Bouncy Castles
These can be a lot of fun, but If you have a bouncy castle or trampoline, we recommend having this deflated or out of bounds during a character appearance. These can be quite distracting for little ones and we want to ensure that everyone can be a part of the full experience. Alternatively, you could ensure that your character and any other activities are set up in different areas.

Shy Children
If your little one is naturally shy around new people, we have a few tips to make sure that they can still have the greatest party! Firstly, we recommend that you let the birthday child know ahead of time that you have invited their favourite character to attend. Through our party experience, we have found that the surprise of a favourite character arriving can be quite a lot for our younger party friends to take in! If they know about the surprise ahead of time, they have more time to become excited and be ready for fun! Bonus tip - encourage them to craft a special invitation that they can give to their new friend.

Secondly, our performers are trained to adapt to whatever the birthday child needs. If they are nervous or unsure, we will be sure to give them space and time to warm up. If you know that your little one can naturally be shy, be sure to let us know or pop this info in your party notes! 

And that’s it! If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us! Thank you so much for including Enchanted Entertainment in this special day, and we can’t wait to celebrate with your family ✨

Best wishes,

Kelsey and the Enchanted Team


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