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Picking a theme for your dream party!

So you're ready to start planning an awesome party for your little one, this can be fun until it comes time to pick a theme...

Nobody likes the stress of picking one of the most important parts of a party - and the theme influences the games, decorations, and of course the special keepsake photos that will last a lifetime!

Don't fret, we have some epic ideas for fun party themes to ensure your little one has a magical party! We'll even help you guys to make your own magic board to plan your decorations!


Happy Bee-day 🐝

One of our awesome birthday theme ideas is 'Happy Bee-day', an adorable theme for your little one to enjoy!

Whilst we believe this theme works best for one-year-olds or toddlers, it can work for any age and it's an awesome gender neutral option. Decorations for this theme can include:

⭐️ Lots of yellow and black decorations

⭐️ Flowers

⭐️ Honey related decor - even dipping your toes into Winnie the Pooh themes

⭐️ A beehive cake, or a giant bee!

Here are some awesome Pinterest images of ideas for the 'Happy Bee-day' theme if you're interested in learning more!


Tea for 2 🫖

We love this adorable theme for two year olds! Some of the most awesome themes (as you'll come to notice) are themes with a fun relation to age - and this is one of our favs!

'Tea for 2' is a fun way to head any which way with decorations - you could go for the classic tea party look, or even take a twist with an Alice in Wonderland inspired day. We prefer the classic - but don't shy away from inviting our Fairytale Friend, Alice, for your special day! Some ideas for this theme are:

🐇 Serve the birthday kid's favourite drink in tea cups instead of regular cups

🐇 Enjoy some classic sandwiches including fairy bread!

🐇 Hang teacups from the ceiling (or decorate pictures of teacups) for a wonderland twist

🐇 Use decorations to turn your backyard into a whimsical garden!

Here is some image inspo!:


Three-rex 🦖

What three year old doesn't love a good ol' dinosaur! This party theme is perfect for a magical atmosphere whilst also being an epic gender neutral option appealing to all kids!

'Three-rex' is an awesome theme with different colour options and lots of epic decor ideas to choose from. The decoration can be rustic and fun with nature additions, and of course heaps of dinos roaming! Our favourite ideas are:

🦕 Puns everywhere! On the food table you could have ham and crackers for the 'carnivores', veges and fruit for the 'herbivores', and even 'ice aged' water!

🦕 Create a sand digging site, let the kids go wild searching for bones and treasure

🦕 For party favours, you could let everyone adopt their own dino! (adoption certificates and all)

🦕 Invite our very own Dr. Dino to come and teach the kids a lesson about the extinct dinosaurs!

Here are the best dino themed photos we could find!:


Four the First Time in Four-ever ☃️

Is your child still obsessed with Frozen? Despite Frozen being released 10 years ago, so many kids still adore everyone's favourite, Elsa and Anna.

'Four the First Time in Four-ever' is a great way to combine fun age puns with a Frozen theme - who doesn't love a Frozen theme?! The decoration could include many fun ideas, such as snow machines, portraits of the Princesses, and even some Anna-approved snacks (chocolate, and sandwiches...!) Here are our ideas to make your 'Four the First Time in Four-ever' theme magical:

❄️ Decorate with lots of cool colours to make your home like an ice castle

❄️ Make the most of the Frozen puns! You can even see some in the pictures below

❄️ Play themed games to make the day even more special - like pin the nose on Olaf, or a Marshmallow (or Hans...) piñata!

❄️ Invite your two favourite Princesses to hang out for the day to lead even more awesome themed games!

Here are some of our favourite inspirational photos:


Dive Into Five! 🤿

This epic gender neutral theme is great for anyone looking to have an adventurous party! Whether you journey under the sea, or go for the beach theme - or an actual diving themed party, this theme has something for everyone to enjoy!

Get out the blue decorations and start brewing the ocean puns and funnies - this theme is a blast! This theme can also connect to The Little Mermaid if you're wanting to personalise it more to your kid. Here are our ideas for creating a fun ocean themed bash!

🌊 Get a sandpit to hide ocean treasures inside!

🌊 Enjoy fun snacks with different ocean themed twists

🌊 Go swimming! or sliding...

🌊 Create your own gorgeous ocean themed mocktails!

Here are our favourite ideas:


Super Sonic Six 💨

Let your six year old and their friends enjoy a blast to the past with this epic party theme! Explore the world of Sonic the Hedgehog as a timeless birthday theme to be enjoyed for years to come!

A Sonic themed birthday can be tailored to your child's preferences, but is best when hands on games - like races, are involved! There are lots of great ways to execute the 'Super Sonic Six' theme but the decorations are super important to make sure that all of the kids know who Sonic is. Here are our epic ideas for your Sonic party:

🏁 Enjoy fun racing related games, such as - sack races and relays!

🏁 Decorate with Sonic themed food and decorations - lots of blue and balloons

🏁 Create a prize for the winner of the games, and make the games almost Amazing Race style

🏁 This is a fun time to get out the Sonic Racing game if you own it for the kids to try play!

Here are our personal favourite ideas from other Sonic parties!:


Safari for Seven 🐯

Jungle themed parties are a classic, but what if we switch it up for a super safari party! This theme is perfect as your kids get older and want something fun and immersive for their birthday!

'Safari for Seven' is a theme with endless opportunities for cool decorations, sure to impress the entire party. Turn your home into the jungle of your dreams as the kids venture into the depths of the safari! There are so many awesome activities for your safari party, here are just some ideas:

🪵 Everyone gets a pair of binoculars and they have to search through your homemade safari to see who can spot the most animals

🪵 Animal dance party time! Everyone gets their own animal mask for a boogie in the jungle!

🪵 Animal shaped foods! You could do a snake shaped sub, or a lion dip - anything the imagination can think up

🪵 Get creative with the decor, make it as immersive as possible!

Here are some of the best home-made jungles we've seen so far:


Skate into 8 ⛸️

Make your eight year old's birthday special with a party theme they'll never forget! 'Skate into 8' is a blast! Throw an 80's themed disco for your kid with roller blades and funky music!

Decorating for an 80's themed disco is super fun! Get the disco balls spinning, music cranking, and vibes going off - whatever you do it is certain to be a bop! Here are our ideas for creating the best 'Skate into 8' party EVER!

🪩 Get the kids to bring their own skates for a roller disco - sometimes it can be cool to find a venue for this theme but it can also be done in the comfort of your own home

🪩 Make sure to get a good speaker and some colourful lights to make for a fun evening!

🪩 Enjoy popular disco games such as; karaoke, limbo, dance circles, and the infamous 'Cha Cha Slide'!

🪩 Make the most of your evening with one of our awesome Disco hosts! They come equipped with their own set of cool games to make your party worth while!

Here is some gorgeous inspo for your 'Skate into 8' party:


Cloud 9 🌪️

Turning nine means you're one year closer to double digits - so get excited! I'm sure your child will be on 'Cloud 9'!

Throwing the iconic 'Cloud 9' party is a blast! It can be different for anyone including your child's favourite things, a happy day doing whatever brings them joy, or a cloud themed party with amazing decor! Our favourite is the cloud theme so here are some ways to turn your child's 9th into a memorable day!

☁️ Go swimming an enjoy the vibes for '9'

☁️ Create fun foods with lots of cotton candy - even put some in the drinks for a cool effect

☁️ Speaking of drinks, this is the perfect theme to make creative mocktails!

☁️ Decorate with lots of white and signature colour pops - it looks great in photos too

Here are some great ways to make the most of your 'Cloud 9' theme:


Decades ⭐️

The best way to spend the first year of double digits is to celebrate the first decade of your life - but it's even more fun to celebrate older decades too!

With this fun party theme each guest could be assigned a decade to dress as and on party day everyone comes together to celebrate a decade of the birthday kid! What fun! Decorate with memories and fun from your child's first 10 years and create a splash doing all kinds of fun things! Here are some different ways to bring this theme to life:

📀 A giant pool party with all of your guests celebrating you!

📀 A disco party with colourful lights and music + a fabulous photobooth

📀 Have a reminiscent picnic sharing foods and fun of the past

📀 10 games for 10 years!

Here are some cool ways to decorate for this funky party idea:


That's all!

Those are some of our favourite party theme ideas that have hopefully inspired you! If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate I highly recommend creating a birthday party themed Pinterest board to store any cool ideas you have! Pinterest is a great tool for creative minds and has so many awesome things even beyond party ideas!

If you have any further questions don't be afraid to contact us, thanks for including Enchanted Entertainment in your special day and we can't wait to celebrate with you

soon ✨

Best wishes,

Tayla and the Enchanted Team 💖

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