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Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking and Deposits
A $100 deposit is due at the time of booking. A party booking is not secure until a deposit has been made. 
All deposits are non refundable, excluding cancellations due to Covid-19.
Your remaining balance will be due on the Monday before an event. All clients will receive a confirmation email with final payment instructions. If full payment has not been received 48 hours before an event, your party appearance will be canceled.

Any parties that are impacted by Covid-19 will be fully refunded. 
If a performer contracts Covid-19 before an event, a suitable replacement will be arranged. In the event that Enchanted Entertainment is unable to secure an alternative performer, a full refund will be arranged. 

Client Sickness
If your party is unable to continue due to sickness within your family or guests, we will work alongside clients to try to arrange a new party date. 

Performer Sickness
If a character performer becomes seriously unwell shortly before an event, Enchanted Entertainment will secure an alternative performer. If this cannot be arranged, a full refund will be given.

Party Set Up - Summer
In summer months, we recommend having a shaded or indoor area available for games and activities. In extreme heat, a shaded or indoor area must be available for performers. 

Party Set Up - Winter
If a party needs to postpone due to wet weather, Enchanted Entertainment will work alongside the client to find an alternative date. Please note that wet weather dates cannot be guaranteed. If a client needs to cancel due to wet weather, a deposit is nonrefundable.

Changes to Booking
Once your party is booked, you are still able to make changes to your details. If you decide to change your arrival time or character/s, this is dependent on availability and cannot be guaranteed. If you adapt your party to a new address outside of your central city, additional travel fees may apply.
All changes must be finalized the Monday before your event. At this time, no additional changes can be made. 

Guest Behaviour
Performers will not be subject to any physical or verbal abuse. If a performer ever feels unsafe, they are entitled to leave an event. 
Performers should never be left unattended with children, for safety reasons. A performer is not expected to discipline a misbehaving child and will communicate with a client if there is ever an issue. 

Thank you for including Enchanted Entertainment in your upcoming event, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you and your family!

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