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Wizard Games and Activities

Enchanted Entertainment specialises in creating magical memories that will be treasured for a lifetime! Over the past eight years, our character experiences have captivated and delighted dreamers of all ages ✨

Our visits are designed to make each child feel like the special individual they are by teaching them about inner strength, teamwork and kindness. 

The most important thing for us is making magical experiences for children, and we always prioritise that. Every family or company that books with us has individual needs and we promise to put 110% effort into providing the best experience possible. 


Our wizard parties are specially designed for magical children who love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ⚡️


Games and activities can include:

  • Our signature magical box game (a variation of pass the parcel)

  • A sorting hat ceremony (with real life talking hat)

  • Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean Roulette

  • Charms class - Spell lessons with our magical wand

  • Harry Potter trivia quizzes

  • Potions class

  • Muggle qudditch training and even more!

Our performers will come equipped for every activity and will select their schedule based on what the children respond to! If you see an activity that your child would love, you are welcome to make special requests, as we want to create the party of your child’s dreams!

We are also pleased to report that our characters will take care of everything they require for activities, so your only job during the party will be to sit back and enjoy the experience.

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